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Monday, December 29, 2008

miracle photo!

You just have to take a look at my photo of the week! This is a photo of my daughter last year!. She and my other daughter were playing out in the snow, they decided to do snow angel's. And my daughter Shay-bug decided to do one face down. She came and wanted me to go see it, but I was busy and sent the camera out for her to take a photo and show me. I was blown away when I seen this photo and headed right out side. When I looked at the snow angel face, it was just a dent in the snow, you could not see any details, but when you put the camera over the area, the face popped up, sorta like 3-d and you could see all this detail! I took lots and lots of photos and in the photos you can see the face turn to a new position, it was amazing, a miracle to me. It kind of freaked my husband out. Now this snow angel was done across the street from our house at the mortuary, I know, makes it even stranger. And just so you know, Nope we don't mind living across from there, they are our best neighbors, very quiet, He, he! So any way we and other family members have tried to do this again, but no one has been able to. So why don't you try it with your family, if you get this amazing snow angel face, let me know, I'd love to see a photo of it!! Now think about this, how it all happened, I was busy and didn't go out to see the snow angel, if I had, I would of just seen a dent in the snow and said, very cute! But I sent the camera out, why? it was the only way we were able to see the image pop up, a miracle to me, I just wish I knew the why behind it? Blessings always!

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Tanya said...

That is so beautiful!!! I have NEVER seen anything like that.