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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my uncles

I hadn't seen my only two uncles for years. I invited them both to Dyl's going away to boot camp party. Neither one could make it to the party but both of them dropped by to see Dyl before he left. Uncle Spike came by early one morning and wow was I surprised and so Happy to see him. He is my Mom's brother. Unfortunately Dyl was not home, but I loved the little visit we had catching up on each others lives. Uncle Spike was one of my hero's when I was a little girl. He served our country in the Army and he always made me feel so loved. Uncle Glen stooped by too surprising me at the door and I was so Happy to see him. He did get to see Dyl and wish him good luck and we had a nice visit with him. Uncle Glen is my Daddy's brother and I just always feel a bit closer to Daddy when he's around. I have such wonderful memories of both my Uncles, they made my childhood so much sweeter. I love you both always! Thanks for all your love.

Monday, March 23, 2009

its back

We woke up this morning with the ground covered in light snow, I didn't think to get a photo of it to send to my son in boot camp tell it was way past melted. So in replace of that I snapped a photo of our beautiful mountains laced in snow. The boys are out and the coats are back on. Now that the kids have a taste of spring, nothing even a very cold day thrown our way. will stop them from exploring the great outdoors! Now if it just doesn't stop me from running tonight, we'll be good!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my baby girl turns 11 !

Today my baby girl Shay Bug turned 11 years old. The passage of time seems to be moving faster and faster and my babies are slipping from my arms to this growing up stuff. My Shay Bug, I remember the moment she was born, curly dark hair, her daddy said, she has curly dark hair. I was so excited just what I asked for. Amazed once again that the Lord not only blessed me with yet another babe, but just what I asked for. A girl with curly dark hair!! That little baby was mommas girl always and for the most part sill is, But Daddy's girl she is too! She never kept that dark hair and as I like to think; she was born on a Winter day a dark beautiful baby and came home the first day of Spring, the sunshine kissed her sweet lil head and soon sunny blond hair grew to match the glow on her face. She is our little animal lover, our Cowgirl we call her. Animals and children are as much attracted to her as she to them. She is a sweet kind loving child and we are so blessed to have her be ours. She had a wonderful birthday, our tradition of birthday breakfast just her and I went and ate and talked. Then her Great grandpa and grandma, Aunt Carolyn, brother Josh and his family all came to celebrate with her. We had dinner and lemon cake, yummo! Then her Daddy took her to the movies to see Escape from Whitch Mountain. Now she is all tucked safely in bed, tuckered out from he exciting down and tomorrow when she wakes, yet another day older. I love you buggy boo, forever and always, Mom

Thursday, March 12, 2009

bonnie's boot camp!

The Photo shows my husband and I doing a P90X workout, I am getting ready to do Banana, and my husband is getting ready to do Superman. Ugh, these are the worst things, I do not like em.

My son set me up with my own lil boot camp to do while he is at his. He purchased the program P90X for me and wow is it an amazing program. Look it up on the net and check it out. Today was day 14 of P90X. I didn't get it until Dyl had been gone for 10 days. So those first 10 days I did a juice detox for 2 days and lost 10 lbs. Most of that I know was water weight as I was always so swollen. Then I ate very healthy, did some cardio each day with push ups and sit ups and such. On day 6 of Dyl being gone I started to run and ran my first 1 mile. I am now running 2 miles in 22 minutes. I am working on getting to 3 miles. I do my P90X every morning and run most every night. P90X comes with a life changing diet, so I am following that also. I am to eat 1,800 calories a day and boy is that being hard for me. I have never been a big eater and my not eating regularly has been part of my weight issue. The closest I have come to the 1,800 calories is 1,600. I am pushing on. I am now down 16 lbs. total!! And 5 inches in all. P90X is a very intense program, but is awesome. My husband started on day 2 with me after much pleading. He is also just loving it, he said he though he was in shape before P90X. My Dyl wrote home and told me that I best be working out. He is so cute, I know he is so proud of me and his dad for doing the program and sticking with it. All for you Dyl, Kick some!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mr. and mrs. walt and walt jr.

Dylan is going to be so excited, his grandpa Lyle and Grandma Arlene will be attending his Marine Graduation in May! I am thrilled! Dylan is very close with his grandparents and him and his grandpa Lyle have a very strong bond. They are so cute together and Dylan is so blessed to have them in his life. Dylan call's them Mr. and Mrs. Walt so Dylan is Walt Jr. It's a family thing, you would just have to be part of the clan to understand.

Thank you Lyle and Arlene, your the best.

prayers for dylan, austin, dakota and keisha

Dylan's lil sisters made a prayer chain for Dylan. It is a count down to his graduation and becoming a Marine. Each night at dinner we take off one piece of the chain and pray for Dylan and also Austin and Dakota who are in boot camp with him. We also pray for Keisha, my sweet nephews girlfriend who is in basic training for the National Guard. God bless them all. They are 4 of our BEST.

always a Marine

From the time Dylan was just three years old all he talked about were Army Dudes. He played with the little Army guys all day. When he was five years old he was so animated with playing with these little Army dudes. By the time he was nine years old he was shooting the Army Dudes with his be be gun in his own little war. When he was fifteen he decided only the best, the toughest and strongest would do, it was then he chose the Marines. I really have no idea where this all came from. I never encouraged him in joining the service. I do believe with all my heart that he was just born to be a Marine and it comes right from God. And I do believe he has God on his side. God bless my son always, I love you. Mom

boot camp news week 4!

We received letters home from Dylan last week. He is so very home sick and boot camp is being so hard. They go non stop all day. He had a respiratory infection and spent a couple days on bed rest. He also sprained his back. So we are waiting to hear that he is better from that. OH, He made Platoon Guide!! Praise the Lord one of his goals. Pray with me that he maintains the position and graduates with it or even higher!

This week is yet another tough week. He should of done the Confidence course already. He will run the first time in full uniform and boots, ugh. He will do Pugil sticks more. Have an inspection and a Drill. Sounds like a stressful week, so pray for Dylan and his platoon!

I miss you so much Dyl, the house is just not the same, I am just not the same

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me "
Philippians 4:13

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

dylan's boot camp news

Well My Dyl has been to boot camp two weeks now. I miss him so much already. His first week there was spent processing, doing medical, dental. Getting his equipment and such. He now has his Platoon! All three of the boys are in the same platoon!. His second week was his first week of training and I am thinking he liked it, they did some training with the guns, first aid, some marital arts, sprints and lots more. He will start this week out doing more martial arts and Pugil Sticks, he wasn't looking forward to that, he said it would be tough and painful. He will do his first obstacle course, it sounds fun to me, but please pray with me that Dylan stays safe, medically, physically and spiritually healthy. The photo is of Dylan and his dog Buddy the day he left. Hum, this kid leaving home stuff is tough. But I am so proud of him, and so excited that he is living his dream. Dyl set me up on a little boot camp of my own so that I could loose some weight and get in shape while he is in boot camp. I needed something to keep me busy and not think about him being gone so much. I will tell you all about how that is going soon. I have to get up early and take Dyl's dog to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. Dyl left us the money to do so. Until later, May you see the blessings God gives you each day!