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Friday, December 12, 2008


My son is 22 today, I hardly believe that he is so grown, married and a daddy. It seems just yesterday that I was holding his hand in the stores, reading books to him and tucking him in at night. He is becoming such a fine man, he is a great husband to a wonderful gal and I am just at ah to see him care for his baby boy, who is for sure a daddy's boy. JR is one of my heroes as he seems to have had to go through a lot of tuff stuff in life, and through it he always gets back up, brushes himself off and grows to be more wiser. I am so very proud of him as is the whole family. JR amazes me with his art talent, he has a sweet caring personality and likes to tease all his family. We love you JR, Go forth in this life and make wonderful memories, grow, learn, laugh, but most of all know that always no matter what you are loved, you JR are a part of my heart that makes it beat each and every day. I love you my son forever and always, Mom

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