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Saturday, November 21, 2009

an update on my Marine

My boy is doing great, yes he still misses home and all he knows but he is growing up though in Mums eyes its a tough way to grow up. He has finished all his first trainings and is now in his fleet to continue training on a daily bases. He has had some real fun days and is learning so much which will do him good once he is finished serving his Country. Please send prayers for my boy Dylan as he serves for each of us.

So there you go!

I am all caught up on the last few months, yes its just a snig bit of whats happened around my life these days, the lil glimpses of my life, my family, my passion! This thing we called life is a tough one at times, but I would not give it up, I will fight to the end to enjoy what is mine, my family, friends, the moments that God shows me his beauty. It is all worth it and one day it will all be but memories, photos in a book, words wrote down, and passed from one family member to another. Enjoy what is yours, this Life God gave you!
November 4 2009

The Chickenpox's hit our house

First with ShayBug

Then with JJ

Then with RC

October 31 2009

We had a fun day as a family dressing up! I know a lot of "Christians" don't celebrate Halloween, but for us its a day to have fun and use our imaginations, no scariness allowed, only fun. I do believe the Lord wants us to have fun and enjoy our time spent here, and this day was a fun day. As every year we started out at Grandpa and Grandma Greats house for a root beer float!

October 25 2009
My family all got together with Cody's two brothers, Ryan and Mickey and all their children! It was great to all be there, we had lots of fun visiting and eating some good food! My husband is the oldest of 3 boys, they are all wonderful men, husbands and dad's. All of our children were there except mine and Cody's oldest 3, ah its strange to have adult kids. Hope its not long before we gather again!

October 14 2009
I Finally got to go visit my Daddy's grave, it is about a 4 hour drive one way. I took my two little girls as Cody had to stay home with the little boys who were still some sick. My Daddy was born October 22 1938 and finished his work here on earth October 4 1983. I don't think there is a day that I don't think of my Daddy, I remember how loved I felt in his care and miss that he is not here to be a part of my children's lives. Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

September to October 2009
My Niece Kae's two little boys, Kenyan and Kaedan and my Niece Kylie's little girl Faith spent a few weeks with us. It was great having them. So fun for my children and grandson all be able to spend so much time together! We had tons of fun despite the fact that we came down with the flu, and yes my little R.C ended up at home on oxygen. Look at all them cute little boys, it was some interesting days, but they are all such good little guys. My girls and I just loved having another little girl in the house, we had Faith's hair done up every day like the princes she is. I would kept them all forever if I could! Thanks girls (Kae and Kylie) for letting them come, I love you all! And I love that we are a close net!


September 14 2009
The children and I hiked the Grand Canyon with the home school group! Sept. 14th

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Uncle Glen came to visit!! The last time he was down was to see my Dylan off to boot camp in February. It was a nice little visit. He had come down to see my sister DeAnna as he never made it to her boy's funeral. She was thrilled to see him too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

September 28 2009

Our lil RC had his first dentist visit, he did so good, his daddy came from work to help him through! He has many cavities and will go to the children's hospital to have them all fixed at once. We felt so bad, but they said it may be from being a preemie.