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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

13 years in love

Today 13 years ago in a little Yogi Bear building, surrounded by our closest family and friends, I held my best friends hand, Well he said I had him in a wrist lock. There we stood hand in hand, we looked in each others eyes and listened to what the Pastor read from the Bible, we made our promises to each other, through good and bad, rich and poor, good health, poor health, to remain faithful through it all. It was magical, when we said our "I do's" it started to snow out side, it was so beautiful. I love the snow. (And to think about it now, it snowed when JC was born, when SBug was born and there was lots of snow on the ground when RC was born.) So there we celebrated our brand new marriage with the snow falling as though to set a brand new, clean slate for us to begin our lives together. We have had all the above, good and bad, but have remained faithful through it all, which today is quite the accomplishment. There is no other man in the world that I would want to spend my days with, grow old with and share all the not so fun things in life with. We started our lives together as a family of 5, gave birth to 3 more and adopted 1 from far away. And through all that time, here 13 years later, Cody and I are still best friends. I love you Cody, I love you always, I love your blue eyes, your smile, your silly laugh, your kind, loving heart, the daddy in you and the husband you are.
forever and then some, your life

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