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Friday, January 30, 2009

my baby is 3

Today my baby turns three. We have been so blessed watching him grow to the sweet, funny, loving little boy he is today. I can't believe I am saying little boy instead of baby. It took us 5 years to get pregnant with R.C. I hemorrhaged when I was 5 weeks with him, and put on complete bed rest, I talked to my little baby that I nick named Taeter Tot, all through my pregnancy, telling lil Taeter to stay put. Well I hemorrhaged again at 31 weeks with him and he was born 9 weeks early at a big 4 lbs. 3 oz. We had decided to wait for the birth to find out what we were having, and it was my husband that said when they pulled my little one out, "It's a boy!" We were thrilled! He did very well and only spent one month in the NICU. To say the NICU staff and I didn't see things eye to eye is a bit mild. I didn't want my little guy immunized, and given all kinds of unnecessary drugs ended up with me having very little sleep as I had to stand guard at his plastic bassinet. The NICU is also not a big fan of you holding your baby much, and they finaly learned to just leave my alone in that area. I held my baby pretty much when I wanted as I listened to them tell all the younger moms around me how it wasn't good to hold them so much. I remember one day telling my little Taeter, that when I got him home I would hold him forever and never put him down. Boy did he hold me to that. The day he came home he refused to be down, he never cried in the hospital, but if I put him down once at home he would cry. I was sure he knew what I had promised. Cody and I never complained about holding him, he was held 95 % of the time his first year. He slept on my chest or right next to me snugged up. I carried him all day in a baby sling so that I could take care of house and the other children. Cody would come home from work and do a lot of the holding the rest of the night and we loved it. Now today our little guy still comes and wants to snuggle a lot but his world is down, running around, exploring the world. His most favorite thing in the world is to be in the Mounts as he calls them. He loves to hike up the tallest biggest hills. Ride his big 4-wheeler, play guns, cars and blocks. He is his Daddy's lil "buck aroo" and by his side most the time wanting to do every thing with daddy. But he loves to play with his brother J.J too. He has brought our family so much love and joy, his lil giggle and pitter patter feet running around the house make my heart leap with joy! I love you my lil Taeter forever and then.

Monday, January 26, 2009

birthday sleddin!

So I took my 4 little ones and 1 lil grandson and we went sledding with some home school families. We had so much fun, but I am sure going to be sore tomorrow. Check out the hill we had to climb, and I did it hailing my lil 3 year old son and 18 month old grandson. But it was so worth it. Then I came home to more flowers from my son Josh and his wife Kaitlyn! They are so beautiful! Looks like we will go to the movies tonight, not sure which one though. Well gotta go make some egg roles, yum, yum!

snow for my birthday!!

Yes today is my birthday! 41 wonderful years old. I know some dread getting older but I think I look at it different then some people do. For one I do know that with age comes wisdom, and with each birthday comes life, yes it means you are still alive on this wonderful planet that God created! I do love life, it is so full of beautiful things to see and do, and learn. I love to learn new things. There is still so much in life I want to experience, learn, see, feel, do! I woke to a birthday sigh my little ones had made for me, it is a family tradition at our house, everyone gets a birthday sigh on their birthday. I received beautiful roses from my sweet husband today, he is truly the best husband ever! Last night it even snowed! YES! Snow for my birthday, I love it. I told my two girls last night to go out and build a snow man, they looked at me at first like, "really", but then they realized it's their mom saying this, yes it was 9:00 at night, so what, it was the perfect snow. They know their mom is adventuress and spontaneous and the time of day is no excuse not to do something fun! So there they were building a snow man, our biggest ever, yes their daddy helped them. They named him Clell. My husband's dad seen the name Clell carved in a tree one time, and now it is a "family thing". I have my grandson T.J today, it's always so fun to have him over, see how cute him and my son R.C is in the photo! We are getting ready to go out west sledding with some other home school families! Then tonight I think I will make egg roles, fried rice and either have the boys over to play cards, or if they can't then go out to a movie. I heard a quote yesterday and so loved it. It is.......... "These are the best days of our lives, and we don't even know it"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

new photo up

Check out my photo of the week (below with the Bible vs. for the week), it is awesome. I took these photos in Texas. They have the worlds largest Cross. Here are a few other photos I took that day. It was such a neat place and neat experience, check out the website and see where it is and what it's all about! And listen to the song on my blog, it is so pretty!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful MLK Day!

Today Cody and I took the girls and little R.C up the mounts to sled and explore. The three kidos took turns sledding and then we went for a little hike up a small mountain side, the snow was pretty deep going up and made it a harder hike, I loved it! We seen Elk tracks, Deer tracks, Rabbit tracks and even Cat tracks, as shown in the photos! When we got to the top, the other side was nice and warm and very little snow. Little R.C wanted to go up the very biggest mount, he cried when we told him no, that it would take us days to get there and back. I have been sad about my Dyl going off to the Marines next month and not having him to hike with this summer, but looks like I have me a new lil hiking partner! On our hike back down we went down a step area, Cody feel with R.C, then down the two girls went, of course they were a bet dramatic about it. It was so funny. The snow was powdery crystal. It was such a fun little trip!

Look how far up we were, you can see our truck down below! R.C is crying here because he wanted to go up the BIG mount pictured in the photo above.

Friday, January 2, 2009

guns, guns and more guns

Today Cody and I went out shooting with Dyl! There isn't much Dyl would rather do then shoot. We had so much fun. I shot Dyl's new gun and loved it. I shot a few clay pigeons with the shot gun, but I had the most fun just watching my guys and shooting with my camera! Dyl shot left handed, right on every shot. Cody, he best keep the gun in his right hand. But they are both great shooters. R.C went with us and just loved it, think its in his blood too. Oh boy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

so much fun

This Christmas break has been so much fun! I have enjoyed all the time spent with my family, we have done lots of fun things. I will be sad to get back to the norm of living again. I wish we could just be this way all year long! We had a wonderful New Years Eve! All the kids were with us, except Dyl, he headed South to his grandparents, he loves spending time with them and I think will miss them more then us at home. Cody took all the kids sledding several times, I think my oldest Josh had the most fun of all, they said he just had perma grin the whole time. Live is good, God is good!