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Saturday, December 6, 2008

a wonderful friday

Friday the kids and I traveled a ways to go see my son wrestle. It was a wonderful trip, the drive was so beautiful through the mountain lands. We passed through several very small towns each with its own distinct personality. Old houses, falling down barns and sheds, mixed with a new home here and there. Each town the kids and I imagined what it would be like to live in that town? What do people do in such small areas? We picked out our house, yes of course we put claim on land with horses, cattle and added a few animals of our own. We passed by Big Rock Candy Mountain, the photo doesn't do Justice to the beautiful colors. The kids said it looked yummy enough to eat, like you could just poke your finger in it and take a lick. We traveled through a small town that even had a Baptist church right there on main street. Check out the photo of the sign I snapped. We arrived at the point of destination in plenty of time to see my son win his first match! Watch the video of him, he is in red. Every time I tape a wrestling match, starting way back with my oldest son, I tell my self, "okay, don't holler, just watch." It never works, I can not resist shouting and cheering. I love wrestling and both my boys have done very well in it. This time my son's last match for the championship he got slammed right on his shoulder, the coach called it even though my son wanted to continue, I was glad his coach didn't let him. My 11 yr. old dd cried and her entire body shook. She said she will never go to another wrestling event again, ya she said that last year too. It wasn't until 9: 30 that we headed back home to arrive at our welcoming home very late. Yes it was a wonderful Friday!

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