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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All In God's Hands? Or is it?

I was told by someone before election day that they wasn't going to worry, after all "it is in God's hands" she said. I thought about that a lot and how wrong she is. Yes God is ultimately in charge of everything right. But God did not put us on this earth to be in charge of us. If it was in God's hands then the world would not be so messed up. There would not be one thing here on earth wrong if God was in charge. There would be no sickness, no sadness, no disabilities, no one would ever go hungry, the poor would not be poor. No war, no need for prisons after all if God was in charge there would be NO sin.
Why then do we suffer so much here on earth, well because man is in charge, that is why. Because man has turned from God and decided he can do things better, turned from God and decided to do it his way. We leave God out of our lives, out of our daily decisions. Out of the decision on who we as "Christians" should vote for. We throw up our hands and say "It is in God's hands" only when we feel defeat. Therefor we unknowingly (?) blame God for what is wrong in our world, after all He is in charge right?
I refuse to blame God for what I myself have done to contribute to the fallen world, my sins, my bad decisions, my turning from God. So many people don't even pray or praise God until they are in great need, then we expect Him to fix everything right now, to put it in His hands, then we turn from Him once again when things don't go our way.
America is falling apart because man is in charge and has turned from God.
Our founding fathers who trusted in God and laid our foundation based on God would be in such shame of our America today.

I just wanted to add that by believing the statement "It is in God’s hands" it strips "YOU" of all and any responsibility. You would not need to wear your seat belt, eat healthy, go to the doctor, take any medication or even pray, after all it is all in His hands, right? So I would think many people that make bad choices, have bad situations in their lives use this false statement a lot and therefore they put all blame on God. Some may find this comforting as it takes the blame away from self. But what it also does is take you away form a wonderful relationship with God, and stipes you from your "abundant" life God promises us all. We are here on earth to make free choices for ourselves and those choices we make pave our path. So it is up to us, and with God’s guidance, love and support we can achieve great things!

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