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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

how does monday fit with my alarm clock, my van and my toothbrush?

Just wanted to tell you about my crazy day Monday. There I lay in my cozy warm bed that I had gone back to after being up for awhile, the baby was still sleeping so I thought I could get in another dream. At some point I look at my clock, "Oh no" I thought and jumped out of bed hurrying to DJ's room, "get up DJ you have 10 minutes, don't shower, wash your face and throw on some clothes you can't be late (for school)". I am surprised as he was ready to go in about 7 minutes, normally everyone is waiting on him, bet the Marines will fix that. So there we are, me driving him to school, a block up he looks at the clock, then at me and said "that the right time" with much concern in his voice, I look at the clock and start laughing, "turn AROUND" he says with a firm voice, trying not to laugh himself. Well it was 5 till 8 and he doesn't need to be to school till 10 till 9. "No wonder I'm so tired he tells me", I'm still laughing and say at least you won't be late this day. An hour later, me driving him to school, hum Dayjavou, I say.

Then my son JR calls me and asks me if I would mind bringing him some medicine, he is at work. He works graveyard shift. I tell him sure in about an hour, we were just on our way out the door to drive around to see Christmas lights. My daughter Sas had this idea after our big India feast, she never wants to do things with the family, so I wasn't going to take that moment from her.
So after the lights drive my son DJ and I head to the next town to deliver JR's meds. At about the cow farm I seem to be slowing down, against my will that is. I wonder if it is because the roads are slick. It snowed today! So I decide yes I best slow down. But I am going slower and slower, push on the gas and my engine roars, but doesn't move forward. Oh great DJ ''something is wrong with my van, and I really like my van''. Well DJ starts telling me what to do, ''put your flashers on mom'', Oh ya I thought, ''don't pull over till its a safe spot'', Ah found one and pull over. Put it in every gear, engine just roars, van stays still. I begin to laugh, ''great'' I say and ''I really like my van''. I sit there for a few with my son, ''I really don't want to call dad" I say, he sure wont laugh, but I call him. Yep he arrives with a scale on his forehead, a given sign, he ain't happy. Now the fact that his chain was in DJ's truck and DJ washed his truck that day and the chain was frozen to DJ's truck and all to itself, well that didn't help. I still laugh and DJ sits next to me in my broke down van, "bet dad ain't happy about that" DJ says, I laugh as I sit and watch my husband bang the chain and try to unwrap it from the frozen mess it is in. On our way at last, DJ wanted to drive, dad said no, mom can, Oh I was going to trade DJ places, but there we were moving, my husband takes us right into the middle of the road and a car is coming, I yell, my heart goes many more beats then God intended it to beat. DJ is a bit concerned too. Then my husband races off to hurry on his way, "Oh I am never doing this again" I tell DJ, "You should of drove". I am no longer laughing. My son calls dad and they stay on the phone the drive, dad is now gotten over his not so happy mood and saying "what an adventure", ya like he tried to kill us all. I bet he's in a good mood now, so I wont get mad at him for the flash of death he put upon us, yep, bet that is it. We deliver my van to our local shop, and I tell DJ "guess that's what I get for Christmas". We arrive home, DJ and I get in the truck head to the next town, Dayjaou, I say.

Well to end the night, I go in to brush my teeth before I'm off to bed. As I am standing at the sink, brush in mouth, I begin to have a horrible taste, ugh, I pick up my toothpaste, all while still brushing, and make sure that is what I put on my brush, yep, got the right stuff in my mouth. By then I stop brushing, I have the taste of the smell of my husbands cologne in my mouth, it really does taste just like the smell, how strange, I look to see if any cologne is spilled where my brush was, nope, open the cupboard take out my husbands cologne, smell it, yep, that's the taste for sure. Hum wonder how his cologne got on MY brush. I couldn't rinse my mouth enough to get the tasty smell out, "You trying to tell me something Lord?" I say. Hum, I just need to sleep this day away, what a wonderful God we have that takes away our yesterdays and gives a new Today!

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