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Monday, December 8, 2008

gotcha day

Today is "gotcha day" for our son JJ. Today 6 years ago our JJ came home. He was just 2 1/2 then. My mom, son DJ and I traveled all the way to the other side of the world, to India to get my son. It had always been in my heart so I was so excited for this day. JJ was only 3 months in the first photo we seen of him, but it was that photo that I knew, he was ours. I so naively called the adoption agency and said, "we want JJ". I could see he had darker skin, but it was a shock to me when she told me he was in India, and he was now over 7 months old. I said "that's okay, we want him". That began a 20 month long process to bring him home. JJ was born with only one full limb. His arms both end around the elbow area and he has no hands, just lil nubs that he uses to pick up little things. His right leg ends just below the knee cap and he wears a prosthetic for that. Today JJ can do just about anything any other 8 year old can do, yes he is a bit slower but he does it. I refused from the very beginning to do for him, we decided that if JJ was ever going to do for him self, it meant tough love, do it yourself son. Through many tears he did learn, he was just 3 when he could put his socks on and off, that was only 6 months after being home. You should of seen him learning to walk at 3 years old. My husband put two pulls on some chairs and we put JJ in between and had him walk back and forth, he wasn't to excited about it at first, but you should of seen his face, and ours when he finally got it. Our 3 year old was walking. Today he takes complete care of his personal hygiene with a few modifications in the bathroom. Praise the Lord for badays! He puts his prosthetic on and off, dresses him self, just everything. And grandpa Dick taught him how to play checkers and today he is pretty hard to beat. He is also very good with electronics. He can beat the teens on PS2. He is an awesome speller, and good at math. He is a sweet, caring little boy that is growing so fast, and he is ours! We are going to make India food for dinner, yum, it is so good. I only wish I could cook like they can. I will post our dinner and the recipe for you to try. I am not sure what it will be right yet, I am kind of a wait tell the last minute person. But you will definitely want to try it. India holds a special place in my heart. I loved it there, the people were so sweet, and yes most of them Christian. JJ is from Bangalore, so it is in the southern area of India. Besides, India and the parents that loved him so much, gave me and my husband a son to pick up loving where they left off.

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