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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marines boot camp

Go to this site and watch this video on what my boy and others go through in the Marine boot camp. Note it is Paris Island instead of MCRD where my boy is, but you get the the picture. Praising the Lord my boy is almost finished!!

Dyl's boot camp update

Well some updates on my Dyl in boot camp with the Marines. First you know I missed a phone call, his first phone call. Well last Monday he called again and we were all home!!! It was a personal call and he got to be relaxed and talk. He sounded just like himself and sounded pretty good. When my lil JC answered the phone, Dyl said "hurry get mom", that is the same thing he would always say to the girls when he was home and called. It was a very short call, 3 minutes and of course was not long enough, but so so good to hear his voice to tell him We love him.

Then last night (Wednesday) he called again. This time a very business call and no personal talk at all. He got his first orders and he needed to call home so we could change some travel arrangements as he will be home longer. Now instead of being home 10 days it will be 25, but he will be working after the 10 days!!!! We are so thrilled.

This has been such a hard thing, and to tell you the truth I wish as a mom I didn't have to go through this, but we are so very proud of our boy. He is an awesome young man and will have a very bright future.

I am now waiting for his photo video of his Platoon to come up on the Internet, it should be up this week, and I just can hardly stand to wait to get a glimpse of my boy. I have never been away from him like this and never before this went a day without talking to him, except a few when he was with his grandparents.

Hey we leave to head his way in 11 days!!! We are all stoked!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

phone call home from our dyl

So our Dyl got to call home, apparently he did very well on a physical test and won a phone call home. He called Friday night at 8:11 p.m. we had walked out the door for a walk at 8:05 p.m. We were so upset that we missed his call. We have not spoke with him since the day he left for boot camp Feb. 16th. I think because of all the stress of him being away, not being able to talk with him only through letters, well I just broke completely down, I cried tell I was sick and still feel that I just let him down by not being here to receive his call. He knows that if I had any idea he would be calling I would never have left the house. I am sure it was a disappointment to him not to be able to talk to us. I miss my Dyl so very much, this is so hard. I know that people just do not understand what families who have loved ones in the military go through unless you are there yourself. This still just seems like a dream, I wish I would wake up from. But we are so very proud of our boy! He is such an amazing kid and he has taught us so much. Only 3 weeks Dyl, then I will wrap my arms around my son the Marine! I love you, always.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

remembering Tyler Baker Always!

I have been following Tyler from Make A Child Smile for a long time, Even though I have never meet Tyler or any of his family, I just attached to Tyler. For some reason out of all the kids there at Make a child smile, it was Tyler that caught my heart. I have prayed for him since, and shared his ups and downs with my family as we prayed together for him. My heart is broke tonight as I hear news that Tyler lost the battle against bone cancer. You fought hard Tyler! I wanted to post Tyler's beautiful photo here that he may be known and remembered always. May Jesus hold Tyler's hand and walk him through Heaven! God bless all of Tyler's family that they may feel the peace of Tyler in Heaven. Love ya Tyler even though you never even knew it. What a handsome young man. What a wonderful family you have!
Tyler Baker May 12, 1993 to April 18, 2009
The web site to make a child smile, that your heart may lead you to a child there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lets color some eggs

lets eat some egg

look mom, messy fingers!

boot camp update!

A quick update on my Boot Camp,

My P90x Program!

I start week 8 on Friday!
I am still loving it!
I am down 24 lbs!
I am firming up!
I am finding muscles, I haven't seen for years!
I am feeling better!
My back don't hurt most the time!
I am better at the moves!
I had to move up to heavier weights!
My husband is looking good!

My Jogging
I am running 2 miles with no problem
I can run up to 4 1/2 miles
I am back to running everyday!!!!!
Check out the Photos above of my husband and I doing the X and showing off our P90X muscles!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Blessings

As I look forward to Easter day, when my family all gathers together to enjoy some good food and family fun, I stop to remember the reason. I wish that the feelings of Easter were so strong in me all through the year, and I commit to working on holding these feelings in my heart every single day. See I can not help but cry as I remember Jesus, the pain, the suffering, the shame he went through and all for me, all for you. Jesus is my Savior, my best friend, the one who is always there no matter the problem, the hour, no matter how I feel or behave, He is there. Sometimes I feel His very presents as though he walks each step along the way with me. Other times He seems so distant, those are the times I take my eyes off Him. I wonder if I had lived during the time of Jesus, would I have followed him, would I have betrayed him, would I have stayed by His side to the end. As I walk this journey through life here, I stride to follow Him, to be a good servant to Him, to keep my eyes focused on Him. I know at times I fail miserable, but He is always still right there, He even takes my hand and helps me back up, brushes me off and even gives me a tender, loving push forward. I love my Jesus, Your Jesus. Thank you Father in Heaven for loving me so much that you sent your only son to die so that I may live, so that You may live.

Celebrate this Easter, with Jesus as your guest of Honor! Praise Him, Worship Him, Open the door and let Him in!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

a blessed Sunday!

I was so excited last Sunday when my son Josh and his lovely little family walked in join us for church service! That alone was a blessed day, but after church we came home, ate and all piled up in the truck to go out west. Josh wanted to take us to do some hiking, rock climbing and to show us an owl nest! We hiked up, climbed rocks, watched the owl fly around us, it was awesome. And to end the trip, I jogged just over 2 miles back in the snowy cold, but it was great! I thank our Lord for such a wonderful day!! Praying for many more.