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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Magic

peek into the little rip
Ah, my finger fits in "I can feel it"

Oh just a little bigger rip, I can see more

Please Mommy, let me open it, "It's Mine"

Tears as he tapes it all back up to wait for Christmas Morning!

Grandpa and Grandma N left presents under our tree last Sunday. On Monday Ross decided it was too much he just had to take a peak after all there was already a little tiny rip in the wrap. He got right down there trying to look in and he put his little finger in saying, "I can feel it", Then the rip got bigger and bigger, Mommy made him tape over it and he sure wasn't happy after all like he told me, it was his present! Ah these are the precious times!!

Dyl's Home!

Dylan's home on leave!!! And the boys are at it again Wrestling!! We always feel complete when Dyl's home! Remember to pray for him and all Our Troops!

The Snow is here

I so much love the Snow! It is so beautiful, and always reminds me of the Lord cleansing the land with this snow to wash it clean. My kids and I love to play out in it and we even go to the park to slide down the slides and swing!

Even more wonderful times!

My Uncle Glen stopped by for a visit!!! I love his visit's and look forward to them about every 6 weeks! He always brings the little ones a dollar bill and they think it's so cool. My Dyl has Glen's middle name, J. Uncle Glen is my Daddy's only brother and its always nice to see him as I miss my Daddy so much.

Wonderful Times continue!

Our JC broke her wrist at basketball practice, she was running backwards and feel, she landed on her hand and just like that, BROKEN. The doctor gave her a choice of casting it or leaving it in a splint, she choose the splint as she can take it off to scratch!

Wonderful Times!

Cody and family

Mickey and Family

Ryan and Family

We had Cody's Brothers and Parents over on Sunday for a Christmas get together! It was so much fun! We love to have family over and visit, and I love to cook for everyone!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

an update on my Marine

My boy is doing great, yes he still misses home and all he knows but he is growing up though in Mums eyes its a tough way to grow up. He has finished all his first trainings and is now in his fleet to continue training on a daily bases. He has had some real fun days and is learning so much which will do him good once he is finished serving his Country. Please send prayers for my boy Dylan as he serves for each of us.

So there you go!

I am all caught up on the last few months, yes its just a snig bit of whats happened around my life these days, the lil glimpses of my life, my family, my passion! This thing we called life is a tough one at times, but I would not give it up, I will fight to the end to enjoy what is mine, my family, friends, the moments that God shows me his beauty. It is all worth it and one day it will all be but memories, photos in a book, words wrote down, and passed from one family member to another. Enjoy what is yours, this Life God gave you!
November 4 2009

The Chickenpox's hit our house

First with ShayBug

Then with JJ

Then with RC

October 31 2009

We had a fun day as a family dressing up! I know a lot of "Christians" don't celebrate Halloween, but for us its a day to have fun and use our imaginations, no scariness allowed, only fun. I do believe the Lord wants us to have fun and enjoy our time spent here, and this day was a fun day. As every year we started out at Grandpa and Grandma Greats house for a root beer float!

October 25 2009
My family all got together with Cody's two brothers, Ryan and Mickey and all their children! It was great to all be there, we had lots of fun visiting and eating some good food! My husband is the oldest of 3 boys, they are all wonderful men, husbands and dad's. All of our children were there except mine and Cody's oldest 3, ah its strange to have adult kids. Hope its not long before we gather again!

October 14 2009
I Finally got to go visit my Daddy's grave, it is about a 4 hour drive one way. I took my two little girls as Cody had to stay home with the little boys who were still some sick. My Daddy was born October 22 1938 and finished his work here on earth October 4 1983. I don't think there is a day that I don't think of my Daddy, I remember how loved I felt in his care and miss that he is not here to be a part of my children's lives. Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

September to October 2009
My Niece Kae's two little boys, Kenyan and Kaedan and my Niece Kylie's little girl Faith spent a few weeks with us. It was great having them. So fun for my children and grandson all be able to spend so much time together! We had tons of fun despite the fact that we came down with the flu, and yes my little R.C ended up at home on oxygen. Look at all them cute little boys, it was some interesting days, but they are all such good little guys. My girls and I just loved having another little girl in the house, we had Faith's hair done up every day like the princes she is. I would kept them all forever if I could! Thanks girls (Kae and Kylie) for letting them come, I love you all! And I love that we are a close net!


September 14 2009
The children and I hiked the Grand Canyon with the home school group! Sept. 14th

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Uncle Glen came to visit!! The last time he was down was to see my Dylan off to boot camp in February. It was a nice little visit. He had come down to see my sister DeAnna as he never made it to her boy's funeral. She was thrilled to see him too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

September 28 2009

Our lil RC had his first dentist visit, he did so good, his daddy came from work to help him through! He has many cavities and will go to the children's hospital to have them all fixed at once. We felt so bad, but they said it may be from being a preemie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

time gone by

Well I haven't been so good about keeping up on my blog here. A lot has happened since my last update about my nephew Max's death. I am still so crushed about Max being gone. I am so proud of my sister DeAnna, her strength and courage through this has been a great example for our family. I still think, ah, Max is going to be home at his house when I go there, but each time there is a missing energy, a missing smile a missing Max. My heart sinks, but then leaps when I see my sister, my niece Jamie and her little ones!! Life has a way of keeping you moving forward.

My oldest daughter Sash, turned 21 on Aug. 10th. That being a miracle all in itself. She was born with Spina Bifida and I lost track of over 96 surgeries years ago. She has made it through many times when we thought she might not. Sasha here with my family to teach us each so much as she has through the years.

My son JJ turned 9 July 24th, you would never know he came home to us at the age of 2 1/2 years old all the way from India!! He is an inspiration to all who even catch a glimpse at him as he was born with 3 missing limbs, he uses a prosthetic and there is nothing he cant do with the short arms he does have!

My only grandson T.J. turned 2 July 22!! We all had a blast watching him open his gift's and explore each one. He is busy little boy always with a smile on his face. He is very physical and is going to make one great ball player!! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer!!!! His dad can't wait!
And I love that he loves to be a MeMa's house!

My daughter in-law miscarried twins this last week and our hearts all sunk with sadness at the loss of those lil ones we never even got to hold him our arms, to kiss on the checks, to rock good night. But we know one day we will meet!

We have had a wonderful summer filled with many activities, 3 trips to California, a trip to Disneyland. A day trip to our states big ride park!, fishing, hiking, camping. It has been awesome! And we are so hoping to make another trip to Cali here soon to see our Marine Son!!

We have visited with family and friends, but each night as the day ends, it is US, our lil family, My husband, children (even the boy's not at home any more) and I that matter the most. We cling to each other through the good times and bad, we laugh and cry, hope and dream together. And each night we thank our Father in Heaven for each moment He gives us, here on this journey, called LIFE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Max, Forever in Peace

OCTOBER 10, 1988 to JULY 12, 2009
On July 12 2009 my Nephew Max took his own life. He is my sister DeAnna's only son. Max was so sad for so long and the ugliness of this world was more then he could take. He was such a sweet kid, always loving, forgiving, non judgmental. He was a kid magnet and everywhere he was he was always surrounded by children. Max loved the outdoors, spending time with his family and many many friends. He helped raise his Nephew and Niece with so much love and care. Our hearts are so broke, we are so sad. But comfort comes in knowing that Max is with Jesus and is now and forever at Peace. Please pray for my sister DeAnna, Max's sister Jamie and all the family. Love those around you as though they won't be here tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

family bonding weekend!

I was on cloud nine all weekend! It was a wonderful time spent with ALL my children. My son the U.S Marine was able to fly in for the weekend, my oldest son and his lil family was around and we spent the entire weekend hanging out and doing fun things! Friday we went to one of our local canyon's and did some rock climbing. We had to all work together to get us girls and the dog, yes my son's dog buddy was with us. The guys had to pull us girls and the dog up big rocks, use their backs as stepping stones for us, it was a great as we learned to trust each other and work through obstacles together. The canyon was beautiful but not as beautiful as the joy that radiated from each of my children, husband and I. Saturday we hung out at the local park together for the July events. Sunday my boys, husband and I went out shooting our guns, and YES! I came back a better shooter!! We also celebrated my Marine son's 18th birthday at home. It is the 10th and he won't be with us which breaks my heart, but all his grandparents came to the house and we had a good time. I had to drive my boy back to the airport early Monday, I cried for over an hour as I walked away from him. He had such a hard time too with going back, he misses his family and home so much. But know my son is a Marine, fighting to protect each of us as he loves his country. Thank you God for this wonderful time that will be etched in my heart forever!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

first week of infantry school for my boy

My son has completed his first week of infantry school with the Marines. He said they got very little sleep, did a lot of night shooting and started to throw some grenades. He said it is hot as they wear their cammies and full gear with an extra 60 lbs. on them. One week down kido, 7 to go!

I still have a hard time believing my son is a Marine, how time flew by so fast. Still at home I go about my day, thinking any moment now he will run through the door, returning from ball practice or out running around with his friends. The door never opens, his bedroom door remains shut, the house empty of the happy energy flow that is always around my Dyl.

I wonder how many of you know, know what my boy and others go through in order to serve our country. The homesickness, the physical and emotional hardship, what the family of those serving go through, the pain of them not present. The fear of war, after all this is what my boy is training for, war. Why, as he told me just last night, "because I love my Country and Family, this is why I am serving". Please always remember them, all them men and women serving our country, remember their families, waiting at home for their missions to be completed.

God Bless my boy, our family and all our Country!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my boy returning to Infantry School with the Marines

Its been a while, sorry. My son graduated from Marine boot camp and came home for 4 weeks, during that time he walked with his High school class in full Marine blues. His Marine graduation was just amazing and very emotional. We are so very proud of him. His High school graduation was a wonderful time and made the fact that our son is leaving home seem real. We all had a wonderful time while he was home on leave, we cherished every moment spent together as a family. Time is so short and goes by so fast, every little moment counts. I thank God for this time, these moments. My son Dylan is now at infantry school, there he will be until July 28th. Then he will be assigned is first post. Please join us in praying for Dylan through infantry school that he is well and exceeds all expectations. Also pray for Austin and Dakota who are there with him. The photos show Dylan in his uniform before we dropped him off, the next photo is of him and me saying our good-byes, see my Shay bug in the back, she was so sad, we both cried all the way back to our hotel. the last photo is of Dyl and the boys walking away with all their gear, some other Marines helped them Carrie it all. It was a sad time to see my Dyl walk away. I miss him so much.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my Son is a U.S. Marine

He did it!!! They did it!!! The crucible is over and at this time they should be enjoying their big warriors breakfast of all you can eat. It is a very large selection of all kinds of breakfast foods and they say most of the new Marines eat till they throw up.

I am sure they are so thrilled, so proud, so excited!!! so excited to see their families next week!!!

My son is a U.S. Marine

when he was little he played for hours

with his little army dudes

guns have always been his most joy

shooting with dad and grandpa Lyle

Grandpa Great his very Hero

Hiking in the mountains

back pack on

full of survival gear

he enlisted on his 17th birthday

he would have it no other way

finished high school 5 months early

off to boot camp Feb. 16

His life forever changed

the day he met his D.I's

away from all he knew

away from those he loves

Homesickness set in

fears he never knew

he has overcome many challenges

grown in skills and knowledge

made new friends he never would of

found a new appreciation

for all his family and home

and today he overcame

the last obstacle that stood in front of his dream

The Crucible , it is finished

he climbed the Reaper to the very top

along with his friends and brothers

in Charlie co. Platoon 1050

he stood atop the Reaper

tears filled his eyes as

he walked down the mountain

the Star Spangle Banner played

the path was lined with all the state flags

of each new Marine there

and at the end in his hand

his D.I gave to him

what he's worked so hard for

the globe, anchor and eagle pendant

and his back was patted as his D.I said

"Job well done Marine"

there my son stood tall and proud

straight face still, but tears in his eyes

he must of clinched that emblem so

as he thought to him self,

"I am a Marine"

OOH-RAH! My son is a U.S. Marine and I am so proud, it has been a hard difficult 3 months filled with such emotion for me, my family and Dyl. And now we soon put an end to this and start a new beginning. One that I would not of chose for my son or me, but one I am so proud of. Please continue to pray for Dylan, Austin and Dakota as they begin their journey as new Marines. Pray for all our service men and women who so unselfishly serve our country for me and you. Thank you for praying Dyl and the boys this far, God works mighty when many pray!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the Crucible down 46 1/2 hours

46 1/2 hours is here, WOW! How do you think Dyl and the boys are feeling at this point? I know they are so so sore, tiered, hungry and so so wishing they were at the top of the Reaper!! The Reaper is the 4 mile hike up a mountain side that is very steep, when they get to the top and ascend down, they are finished! Please pray with me for these last 7 1/2 hours to hold our boys well, that Dylan, Austin, Dakota and all of our boys in Charlie Co. to do great, be strong and courages and safe.

Dylan's very favorite: Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake. yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

I wonder if Dyl has thought of this Psalm during his trials? But I do know this verse must be in his heart as I wrote it on nearly every letter I sent him; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13

I am going to have another hard time sleeping tonight even more then the last two nights, because in the morning my boy will be a Marine!

Our Country will have several more young men fighting for us, and they will have 3 of the finest young men there is, DYLAN, AUSTIN and DAKOTA! The flag is flying on our front porch all lit up, the candle is burning to light Dyl's way home (this is a tradition that families put a candle in their window during the crucible for their boy) The boys mom has her flag up and candles going too for Austin and Dakota!

My little Crucible

So most of you know that son Dyl set me up with my own little boot camp to do while he was away doing his. He bought me P90X that my husband and I have done every day very faithfully. Then I have been running at nights a few times a week on top of that. I am down 26 lbs, eek! 14 1/2 inches of me, GONE!

And tonight I did my own lil Crucible, I ran the farthest I've ever ran, 8 miles!!!!!!!! Did you read that? Yes I said 8 miles!!! OOH-RAH!I ran from my house to Wal Mart in the next town and NO I did not stop at all, that would of been defeat. I did it in 1:40. All for my Dyl!

It was very easy until I was about 1/2 mile away from town, then it got hard, my legs hurt and my c-section scaring hurt so bad, but I kept going on knowing what Dylan and the boys are having to go through and I though "this must be how they feel at rest, what little they get" and it must be much worst when they are moving.

But I did it!!When I got to Wal Mart, my husband was waiting there for me and he had to help me stretch out, when I bent over to stretch right there where I looked down was a penny, Heads up, A Lucky penny! my husband said I just earned my Eagle, Globe and Anchor, that is what our boys get when they are announced Marines at the end of the Crucible.

My husband seemed more excited that I had just ran 8 miles then me, He said now he has to do it, so he may tomorrow! All I was thinking was, that's not too far, how far am I going to run next?

Now I will have to see what I continue to do while Dyl is in his Infantry training! My husband told the kids, they would have to watch me close for now on, when I say "I am running to Wal Mart"!