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Sunday, December 7, 2008

prayer chain

Here is our prayer chain. My husband and the kids finally got it up. We make this chain every Dec. and on the inside write peoples names to pray for, then each night at dinner we take one off and pray for that person. The kids and I decided to do one for every month all year long. Want to be added to our chain, let me know! Or maybe you can start your own prayer chain!! One of the families on our chain is.................................... Okay, I'll tell you, Obama and his family. Oh we have the chain up high this year to keep out of the grandbaby's reach, cause if he got it, he would eat it, put it up his nose, feed it to the dog or bring it to me, Mema with a big smile on his face and a big wet slobbery chain in his lil hand. Then I suppose I would have to pick him up and give him a big hug.

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