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Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our tree is up and yes we picked the perfect one it even has a perfect branch shaped just like a cross at the very top, right up there by my angel. The angel was my grandparents, she is falling apart but I have put her on top of our tree ever since my grandpa passed away 8 years ago. My husband put extra lights on this year just for me, well I did have to ask and he had to do it twice to get it right, but he just worked away. We put on Christmas music and all our lil ones, our grandson and his mommy hung all the ornaments. My two oldest sons were busy, the lil stinks. The tree is covered in ornaments from the years past. The 6 oldest kids all have photos that they made with their grandma Arlene, that was 7 years ago, wow have they grown, kind of made me sad, they grow way too fast. My mom had gathered acorns this last deer hunt and her and my 2 little girls made all kinds of little ornaments for our tree. There is an old light bulb that my grandpa had put a wire around years ago and hung on his tree, it now hangs on mine! We added ribbon in red white and blue as our 17 year old son D.J goes off to boot camp for the Marines Feb. 17. And of course we put lots of candy canes all over for the kids to eat as they want, I just replace them as they go. Have you heard the candy cane legend? I'll tell you that another time. We had the nativity set out on the floor and my baby who is 2 now was sitting on the floor playing with it. He had two of the wise men and said " who are you (one to the other) I am Jesus". Is that so sweet, just melted my heart. My dh was sad as he dropped and broke my nephew Willy's glass photo ornament, there on the floor in the shattered pieces lay Willy's photo with his sweet smile looking up at us. Will went to Heaven 7 years ago, just a few weeks before he would of turned 17, we miss you Willy. I will have to make a new one for him to hang upon our tree, and one for my baby. Hey I think I will make new ones for all the kids, yes that is what I'll do. I did think that I was going to keep the decorating simple this year, not put as much out. But when I was busy my dh worked away hanging lights all through the house, he even put the very top of the tree that had been cut off, in a jar of water, strung lights on it and placed in on the kitchen bar. How sweet, I love you hon. Yes, it's going to be a wonderful Christmas! Now if it would only snow!!

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