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Friday, December 19, 2008

naughty or nice

Ok, now isn't it sad that sometimes a person just has to be naughty to get things done. Ugh, makes me mad. Well, if you read my post "Broken down chair" about my daughters wheel chair being broke down, you'll understand more. So Monday I call back up the business that is to fix the broken chair part. I ask for the gal that I have been working on this with for over 2 weeks. I ask her how things are going and that I never heard back from her Friday as she said she would call me back that day. She tells me she still knows nothing. So at this point I have had it, my daughter is so depressed as she is spending all her days in bed. Out of frustration, not so sure where the thought came from?? I say to her, ""name" are you in a wheel chair?" she tells me "no", I then say " then how about I come and duct tape your two legs together, put you in a wheelchair, and oh by the way, it is a broken down chair and now guess what, you can not get anywhere, you are now disabled". She tells me, "if that is what you want, sure, I'll do that", I then say, "fine, I WILL call the news stations, as I am sure they would love to come out and do a story on you being duct tape and sitting in a broke down chair.", she then tells me hold on and transfers my call. A lady gets on the call, and I ask her if she happens to be "name's" supervisor, she tells me yes and I tell her how the news stations are going to be out to do a story on them. Will to put the rest short, Today, my daughter got the part to make her chair go!!!! She was so excited and got out of bed into her chair and had a whole new outlook on life. Funny, how sometimes one has to be naughty.

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