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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

honkin big burger

Mine and Cody's anniversary day out together was great! We left the kids with my mom and we went to the big city. We really did have so much fun, can't even remember the last time we did something just the two of us. We were at the mall, shopping around and passed this furniture store, I see this big chair, it's like a love seat only round and I just had to go see it. We both plopped down on it, and ah it was so comfy. We just sat there and visited for a long time, I about feel asleep. We decided to sit and visit and if we seen a store person come our way, we would just get up and hurry off. I would love to have one of these chairs. We went to eat later and you just have to see what my dear husband ate, ugh, I just couldn't watch him eat the big ol thing. We eat little meat so when we go out that is what he gets. I can not remember the name of this thing but Big Mouth was part of it, no, really. I just laughed and had to take a picture of it. Ah, another year gone, and a brand new one right in front of us, to make all kinds of wonderful new memories, I love you even more Cody! Your Life

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