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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

See Ya Later Fraiser Boy!

APRIL 13, 2010

This day we buried a friend, a companion, a watchful, loyal, patient, always forgiving, loving gift from God. Fraiser, Sasha's dog died. To merely call him dog seems so "little" as Fraiser was more then that, he truly was Sasha's bestest of best buddies. Fraiser came to us as a wish, a dream, a prayer for a better life for our Sasha, and Fraiser fulfilled every bit of that. He not only brought joy, love, friendship to Sasha's life but HOPE. Hope that other's might see Sasha as a person and not a disability, They seen her, they were drawn to her through her Fraiser, and with each hand Fraiser so gently shook the "disability" disappeared. Hope that while others might be playing on the playground with their friends or hanging out at the mall, that Sasha wouldn't be left alone, she wasn't, she had Fraiser. Hope that at night when the house was dark that she felt warmth, she did as many years Fraiser kept her feet warm as he lay at the end of her bed. As Sasha grew and Fraiser was no longer able to sleep on her bed, he watched over her close from the floor beneath. Hope for a more Independent life, Fraiser was there. We often heard Sasha say "Fraiser get" as she had dropped something on the floor, Fraiser was Sasha's little bit of Independence. So faithfully he never left her side, that was just were he was happiest.

But the Gift wasn't just for Sasha, our family received every bit of the joy of having Fraiser in our lives. Shayliese was nearly two years old when Fraiser arrived. Strict orders were that all family members should have very little contact with Fraiser his first three months home so that his bond would be with Sasha only. Try as I might I could not for the life of me keep that little girl away from that dog. I would find her laying under the table with him, asleep with her head on his belly. Sitting behind Sasha's wheelchair with her arms wrapped around him. This continued no matter how I tried to keep her away from Fraiser, until one day I thought I had it figured out! A dog of her own, I told Cody, so we bought Shayliese her dear Maggie Moo , BUT that didn't even work, Shayliese just ended up with two doggies to love! But Any time Shayliese was in trouble, sad or tiered it was Fraiser she would go find , he always comforted her but never forgetting Sasha first and foremost.

All of the family enjoyed playing fetch with Fraiser, watching as we kept up on all him many commands. Oh we loved; but not as much as Fraiser loved when Cody sang the "hound dog" song just for Fraiser, he would go running to Cody, tail just a wagging and you knew he just had a big smile! Cody would sing his song in his deep voice and Fraiser knew it was his song.

We all loved Fraiser, we each hold special moments in our hearts where he touched us so sweetly that you just cant help but smile each time you think of him. He was a gift, a gift from God that we each unwrapped a little bit each day, each moment and enjoyed.

He was shared with Grandparents who loved him too, mostly Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Lyle and Fraiser knew it, he would go up to them his whole body wagging as he knew he would get lots of sweet pats and hugs from them, they greeted him as though he was one of the grandkids. He is already missed this moment.

I had stayed there on Sasha's bedroom floor next to Fraiser all night until 4 a.m. as Roston needed me. I asked God to please not let Fraiser die alone, He answered, and Fraiser waited for me to go back to him a little before 7 a.m. I held his front paws, one in each hand, I kissed his sweet lil forehead and told him " It's okay Fraiser Boy, you go now, we're okay." He gave out 3 deep howly barks as if to say "goodbye" and " hello" all at once. Then his final breath swept across my forehead and he was gone.

Fraiser born February 1998, died April 13, 2010. two months after his 12th birthday

He loved Sasha and she loved him for 10 1/2 years BUT they will meet again at the Gates of Heaven! Where HOPE will be fulfilled again

"One Day seems but a moment in time and with each moment a miracle of life."
bonnie lee nordell