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Sunday, December 14, 2008

santa vs. Jesus

I have been thinking a lot this Dec. about how strange this Santa stuff is. I was taught Santa when I grew up and so taught my older children the same. What a strange concept that is, we lie to our children about this magical man named Santa, who lives at the North Pole, can come into our home on Christmas eve, eat our cookies, drink our milk, leave us toys then flies off in the sky in a sled pulled by reindeer. How strange is that of us parents? I know, some say, it's good for children to have an imagination. Trust me, we do not need to teach our children how to have an imagination. Just watch your child play, they come up with all kinds of imaginative things all on their own, even the monsters under the bed, sure hope you parents aren't teaching them that one too. And just think about it. An advertisement on T.V for the Angel Tree, goes on to say................."Johnny wants a new pair of shoes, his are to little", great, BUT why can't someone buy Johnny a pair of shoes when he needs them, not when this Santa comes around once a year. And what about all the little children who have been taught this Santa thing, who wake up Christmas morning to nothing, yes nothing, What? You think that doesn't happen? You think that the Angel tree, Sub for Santa, Toys for tots, all those "wonderful" organizations have purchased toys for every needy child? Well, you are wrong, many children wake up Christmas morning to nothing, and may not even get 3 good meals that day. I wonder what they tell their friends at school after Christmas break, " No, Santa didn't come to my house this year, I was naughty". Perhaps they make up some story of what Santa left for them, just so they don't feel ashamed, oh and the lies go on. Then there are the families that fall right in the middle. They make too much money to qualify for Sub for Santa or what not, but mom and dad still doesn't have the money for gifts, they go without too. No wait, they are the ones that go rack up the credit cards, don't pay their regular bills cause they have to buy Santa stuff, then they suffer for months after, ah, stress, and you call this Santa a Saint? And you want this for your child? See the gifts that Santa will leave under the tree, you, your self have to purchase, they will most likely fall apart at some point, get old, get boring, stop working, or just sit in back of a closet or in a toy box for who knows how long. But, Jesus, the gift that he brings is free, you do not have to purchase it, Jesus purchased it himself with his own blood, free. It will never brake, grow old, get boring, or be left somewhere, Jesus brings the only gift you will take with you after your time on earth is finished. Santa bring lies, Jesus brings the truth. Santa brings stress and worry, Jesus brings comfort and rest. Santa comes but once a year, leaving us to go without the rest of the time. Jesus is with us every moment and never leaves us. So what do you choose? Santa or Jesus? As for me and my house we choose Jesus! I challenge you, go get your Bible, sit down with your children and teach them the real meaning of Christmas, teach them the true Saint, his name is Jesus!