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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The clock just struck midnight and my birthday girl is sound to sleep all snug in her bed. She had a wonderful day. We went up town for breakfast, it was delicious and fun to just spend time will my JC. After, her and I went to a few local stores to look around before heading home. I wish I would of had all day for her and I to just hang out. I made her a bow tie pasta salad, one of her favorites, with a fresh fruit salad. Her request for desert, banana splits. I did get a cake for her and JR to share for their birthday wishes. Atop the cake were 34 candles, 12 for JC, 22 for JR. You should of seen my JC's face when she opened this one lil gift, just from mom. Her daddy had it and looked at me, "it better not be what I think it is" he said, I reassured him it was okay. Oh boy I thought hope her 2 big brothers don't pay attention to her opening this one. Well if they didn't they sure would of once she unwrapped the special gift from mom, in her hand, my "little" girl held a tube of mascara, yes mascara, she had been asking so nicely all year, "Please mom, just mascara" she would say to me. Then right there in her hand she held it, flashes of her childhood swooped by as I looked at her and could see the young lady within her wanting to emerge. As I looked at her daddy standing there watching her, I could see tears wheal up in his eyes, yes his little girl is growing up. Then like a loud roar it broke out, two big, very protective brothers letting their sister know how they felt about the mascara, the mascara lead to "no boys, no dating" tell your 2o something, yes this went on and on. But they couldn't steal my birthday girls moment, her bright eyes lit up as she looked at me and said, "thanks mom". I knew the thanks was for more then just the mascara, it was for letting her grow. We continued through the night, laughing, eating and as anyone who knows me, knows, it gets a bit crazy at my house, and I love every bit of it. Yes the water fight, the chasing, loud rowdy kids. At one point I just sat there looking around, wow I thought, I am so blessed, right here, this very moment, I am so blessed. Al l 7 of my children, healthy, happy, running around my house, making messes, noises and best of all memories that will last forever. For that moment I forgot all the cares of tomorrow, my son's and grandbaby leaving, for that moment,I had them all, right there wrapped all around me. I will remember today for always. Thank you my babies, my husband, my Lord. I am blessed because of YOU!

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