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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my jc turns 12

Today is our JC's 12th birthday, I can hardly believe our little girl is so grown up. JC is child #4. She is my lil mother hen. She has a lot of her daddy's traits, she likes to be organized, have a schedule, she is an awesome speller, I am always asking her how to spell. But she has her mom's compassion. She is our lil prayer warrior, always thinking of others and praying for them. She talks about Jesus a lot because she wants to make sure everyone knows Him. She is becoming an awesome pianist and cook and is beginning to learn to sew. She brightens our every day with her warm sweet personality. We will start her birthday out with a breakfast outing, this year it is my turn. I will wake her early and her and I will go eat, talk and be silly I am sure. She will come home to a big birthday sign the rest of the family will have put up. Her grandparents, brothers and sisters will all be here tonight for a dinner and desert. We will be celebrating hers and her biggest brothers birthday together. I will tell you more about him on his day, this Friday. She loves that they celebrate their birthdays together. She is so excited, she will wake to a new day, her day, the day the world became brighter, sweeter and more blessed, we love you our JC, forever and then some.

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