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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Magic

peek into the little rip
Ah, my finger fits in "I can feel it"

Oh just a little bigger rip, I can see more

Please Mommy, let me open it, "It's Mine"

Tears as he tapes it all back up to wait for Christmas Morning!

Grandpa and Grandma N left presents under our tree last Sunday. On Monday Ross decided it was too much he just had to take a peak after all there was already a little tiny rip in the wrap. He got right down there trying to look in and he put his little finger in saying, "I can feel it", Then the rip got bigger and bigger, Mommy made him tape over it and he sure wasn't happy after all like he told me, it was his present! Ah these are the precious times!!

Dyl's Home!

Dylan's home on leave!!! And the boys are at it again Wrestling!! We always feel complete when Dyl's home! Remember to pray for him and all Our Troops!

The Snow is here

I so much love the Snow! It is so beautiful, and always reminds me of the Lord cleansing the land with this snow to wash it clean. My kids and I love to play out in it and we even go to the park to slide down the slides and swing!

Even more wonderful times!

My Uncle Glen stopped by for a visit!!! I love his visit's and look forward to them about every 6 weeks! He always brings the little ones a dollar bill and they think it's so cool. My Dyl has Glen's middle name, J. Uncle Glen is my Daddy's only brother and its always nice to see him as I miss my Daddy so much.

Wonderful Times continue!

Our JC broke her wrist at basketball practice, she was running backwards and feel, she landed on her hand and just like that, BROKEN. The doctor gave her a choice of casting it or leaving it in a splint, she choose the splint as she can take it off to scratch!

Wonderful Times!

Cody and family

Mickey and Family

Ryan and Family

We had Cody's Brothers and Parents over on Sunday for a Christmas get together! It was so much fun! We love to have family over and visit, and I love to cook for everyone!!