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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

and I thought Monday was bad

Today I found out my broken down van, the one I really like, well the transmission is out, to rebuild it will cost us $2,300. To replace it with a junk yard one around $1,600. So I am thinking it will be sitting in our yard making a nice yard ornament.

Then I am told that my oldest son most likely will be moving his family and yes that includes my grandbaby, back out of state, might as well, okay wont go there. But I kind of like well, yes LOVE my son and his family and I am kind of in love with my grandbaby, who by the way is in love with us. He loves it at Mema's house and cries every time he has to go.

Anyhow look at the photos of my grandson T.J, his funny faces will brighten your day, as they so did mine today.


waelton said...

Awwwe, I'm sorry Bonnie. My husband's mother lives 2,500 miles away in Massachusetts. I feel bad that she has to miss out on our son's life. I wish you good luck!

Whitney (West Jordan, UT)

Bonnie Lee said...

Thanks Whitney. It is hard on us Mom's. But I am so blesse as I have a wonderul daughter inlaw to watch over my son, that helps tons. I bet your mother inlaw feels the same

Bonnie Lee said...

Ah, now if I could just spell, LOL!