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Monday, August 24, 2009

time gone by

Well I haven't been so good about keeping up on my blog here. A lot has happened since my last update about my nephew Max's death. I am still so crushed about Max being gone. I am so proud of my sister DeAnna, her strength and courage through this has been a great example for our family. I still think, ah, Max is going to be home at his house when I go there, but each time there is a missing energy, a missing smile a missing Max. My heart sinks, but then leaps when I see my sister, my niece Jamie and her little ones!! Life has a way of keeping you moving forward.

My oldest daughter Sash, turned 21 on Aug. 10th. That being a miracle all in itself. She was born with Spina Bifida and I lost track of over 96 surgeries years ago. She has made it through many times when we thought she might not. Sasha here with my family to teach us each so much as she has through the years.

My son JJ turned 9 July 24th, you would never know he came home to us at the age of 2 1/2 years old all the way from India!! He is an inspiration to all who even catch a glimpse at him as he was born with 3 missing limbs, he uses a prosthetic and there is nothing he cant do with the short arms he does have!

My only grandson T.J. turned 2 July 22!! We all had a blast watching him open his gift's and explore each one. He is busy little boy always with a smile on his face. He is very physical and is going to make one great ball player!! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer!!!! His dad can't wait!
And I love that he loves to be a MeMa's house!

My daughter in-law miscarried twins this last week and our hearts all sunk with sadness at the loss of those lil ones we never even got to hold him our arms, to kiss on the checks, to rock good night. But we know one day we will meet!

We have had a wonderful summer filled with many activities, 3 trips to California, a trip to Disneyland. A day trip to our states big ride park!, fishing, hiking, camping. It has been awesome! And we are so hoping to make another trip to Cali here soon to see our Marine Son!!

We have visited with family and friends, but each night as the day ends, it is US, our lil family, My husband, children (even the boy's not at home any more) and I that matter the most. We cling to each other through the good times and bad, we laugh and cry, hope and dream together. And each night we thank our Father in Heaven for each moment He gives us, here on this journey, called LIFE!

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