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Friday, November 20, 2009

September to October 2009
My Niece Kae's two little boys, Kenyan and Kaedan and my Niece Kylie's little girl Faith spent a few weeks with us. It was great having them. So fun for my children and grandson all be able to spend so much time together! We had tons of fun despite the fact that we came down with the flu, and yes my little R.C ended up at home on oxygen. Look at all them cute little boys, it was some interesting days, but they are all such good little guys. My girls and I just loved having another little girl in the house, we had Faith's hair done up every day like the princes she is. I would kept them all forever if I could! Thanks girls (Kae and Kylie) for letting them come, I love you all! And I love that we are a close net!

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