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Thursday, May 7, 2009

my Son is a U.S. Marine

He did it!!! They did it!!! The crucible is over and at this time they should be enjoying their big warriors breakfast of all you can eat. It is a very large selection of all kinds of breakfast foods and they say most of the new Marines eat till they throw up.

I am sure they are so thrilled, so proud, so excited!!! so excited to see their families next week!!!

My son is a U.S. Marine

when he was little he played for hours

with his little army dudes

guns have always been his most joy

shooting with dad and grandpa Lyle

Grandpa Great his very Hero

Hiking in the mountains

back pack on

full of survival gear

he enlisted on his 17th birthday

he would have it no other way

finished high school 5 months early

off to boot camp Feb. 16

His life forever changed

the day he met his D.I's

away from all he knew

away from those he loves

Homesickness set in

fears he never knew

he has overcome many challenges

grown in skills and knowledge

made new friends he never would of

found a new appreciation

for all his family and home

and today he overcame

the last obstacle that stood in front of his dream

The Crucible , it is finished

he climbed the Reaper to the very top

along with his friends and brothers

in Charlie co. Platoon 1050

he stood atop the Reaper

tears filled his eyes as

he walked down the mountain

the Star Spangle Banner played

the path was lined with all the state flags

of each new Marine there

and at the end in his hand

his D.I gave to him

what he's worked so hard for

the globe, anchor and eagle pendant

and his back was patted as his D.I said

"Job well done Marine"

there my son stood tall and proud

straight face still, but tears in his eyes

he must of clinched that emblem so

as he thought to him self,

"I am a Marine"

OOH-RAH! My son is a U.S. Marine and I am so proud, it has been a hard difficult 3 months filled with such emotion for me, my family and Dyl. And now we soon put an end to this and start a new beginning. One that I would not of chose for my son or me, but one I am so proud of. Please continue to pray for Dylan, Austin and Dakota as they begin their journey as new Marines. Pray for all our service men and women who so unselfishly serve our country for me and you. Thank you for praying Dyl and the boys this far, God works mighty when many pray!

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