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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

family bonding weekend!

I was on cloud nine all weekend! It was a wonderful time spent with ALL my children. My son the U.S Marine was able to fly in for the weekend, my oldest son and his lil family was around and we spent the entire weekend hanging out and doing fun things! Friday we went to one of our local canyon's and did some rock climbing. We had to all work together to get us girls and the dog, yes my son's dog buddy was with us. The guys had to pull us girls and the dog up big rocks, use their backs as stepping stones for us, it was a great as we learned to trust each other and work through obstacles together. The canyon was beautiful but not as beautiful as the joy that radiated from each of my children, husband and I. Saturday we hung out at the local park together for the July events. Sunday my boys, husband and I went out shooting our guns, and YES! I came back a better shooter!! We also celebrated my Marine son's 18th birthday at home. It is the 10th and he won't be with us which breaks my heart, but all his grandparents came to the house and we had a good time. I had to drive my boy back to the airport early Monday, I cried for over an hour as I walked away from him. He had such a hard time too with going back, he misses his family and home so much. But know my son is a Marine, fighting to protect each of us as he loves his country. Thank you God for this wonderful time that will be etched in my heart forever!

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