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Saturday, June 20, 2009

first week of infantry school for my boy

My son has completed his first week of infantry school with the Marines. He said they got very little sleep, did a lot of night shooting and started to throw some grenades. He said it is hot as they wear their cammies and full gear with an extra 60 lbs. on them. One week down kido, 7 to go!

I still have a hard time believing my son is a Marine, how time flew by so fast. Still at home I go about my day, thinking any moment now he will run through the door, returning from ball practice or out running around with his friends. The door never opens, his bedroom door remains shut, the house empty of the happy energy flow that is always around my Dyl.

I wonder how many of you know, know what my boy and others go through in order to serve our country. The homesickness, the physical and emotional hardship, what the family of those serving go through, the pain of them not present. The fear of war, after all this is what my boy is training for, war. Why, as he told me just last night, "because I love my Country and Family, this is why I am serving". Please always remember them, all them men and women serving our country, remember their families, waiting at home for their missions to be completed.

God Bless my boy, our family and all our Country!

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