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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My little Crucible

So most of you know that son Dyl set me up with my own little boot camp to do while he was away doing his. He bought me P90X that my husband and I have done every day very faithfully. Then I have been running at nights a few times a week on top of that. I am down 26 lbs, eek! 14 1/2 inches of me, GONE!

And tonight I did my own lil Crucible, I ran the farthest I've ever ran, 8 miles!!!!!!!! Did you read that? Yes I said 8 miles!!! OOH-RAH!I ran from my house to Wal Mart in the next town and NO I did not stop at all, that would of been defeat. I did it in 1:40. All for my Dyl!

It was very easy until I was about 1/2 mile away from town, then it got hard, my legs hurt and my c-section scaring hurt so bad, but I kept going on knowing what Dylan and the boys are having to go through and I though "this must be how they feel at rest, what little they get" and it must be much worst when they are moving.

But I did it!!When I got to Wal Mart, my husband was waiting there for me and he had to help me stretch out, when I bent over to stretch right there where I looked down was a penny, Heads up, A Lucky penny! my husband said I just earned my Eagle, Globe and Anchor, that is what our boys get when they are announced Marines at the end of the Crucible.

My husband seemed more excited that I had just ran 8 miles then me, He said now he has to do it, so he may tomorrow! All I was thinking was, that's not too far, how far am I going to run next?

Now I will have to see what I continue to do while Dyl is in his Infantry training! My husband told the kids, they would have to watch me close for now on, when I say "I am running to Wal Mart"!

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