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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my uncles

I hadn't seen my only two uncles for years. I invited them both to Dyl's going away to boot camp party. Neither one could make it to the party but both of them dropped by to see Dyl before he left. Uncle Spike came by early one morning and wow was I surprised and so Happy to see him. He is my Mom's brother. Unfortunately Dyl was not home, but I loved the little visit we had catching up on each others lives. Uncle Spike was one of my hero's when I was a little girl. He served our country in the Army and he always made me feel so loved. Uncle Glen stooped by too surprising me at the door and I was so Happy to see him. He did get to see Dyl and wish him good luck and we had a nice visit with him. Uncle Glen is my Daddy's brother and I just always feel a bit closer to Daddy when he's around. I have such wonderful memories of both my Uncles, they made my childhood so much sweeter. I love you both always! Thanks for all your love.

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