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Sunday, March 1, 2009

dylan's boot camp news

Well My Dyl has been to boot camp two weeks now. I miss him so much already. His first week there was spent processing, doing medical, dental. Getting his equipment and such. He now has his Platoon! All three of the boys are in the same platoon!. His second week was his first week of training and I am thinking he liked it, they did some training with the guns, first aid, some marital arts, sprints and lots more. He will start this week out doing more martial arts and Pugil Sticks, he wasn't looking forward to that, he said it would be tough and painful. He will do his first obstacle course, it sounds fun to me, but please pray with me that Dylan stays safe, medically, physically and spiritually healthy. The photo is of Dylan and his dog Buddy the day he left. Hum, this kid leaving home stuff is tough. But I am so proud of him, and so excited that he is living his dream. Dyl set me up on a little boot camp of my own so that I could loose some weight and get in shape while he is in boot camp. I needed something to keep me busy and not think about him being gone so much. I will tell you all about how that is going soon. I have to get up early and take Dyl's dog to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. Dyl left us the money to do so. Until later, May you see the blessings God gives you each day!

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