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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my baby girl turns 11 !

Today my baby girl Shay Bug turned 11 years old. The passage of time seems to be moving faster and faster and my babies are slipping from my arms to this growing up stuff. My Shay Bug, I remember the moment she was born, curly dark hair, her daddy said, she has curly dark hair. I was so excited just what I asked for. Amazed once again that the Lord not only blessed me with yet another babe, but just what I asked for. A girl with curly dark hair!! That little baby was mommas girl always and for the most part sill is, But Daddy's girl she is too! She never kept that dark hair and as I like to think; she was born on a Winter day a dark beautiful baby and came home the first day of Spring, the sunshine kissed her sweet lil head and soon sunny blond hair grew to match the glow on her face. She is our little animal lover, our Cowgirl we call her. Animals and children are as much attracted to her as she to them. She is a sweet kind loving child and we are so blessed to have her be ours. She had a wonderful birthday, our tradition of birthday breakfast just her and I went and ate and talked. Then her Great grandpa and grandma, Aunt Carolyn, brother Josh and his family all came to celebrate with her. We had dinner and lemon cake, yummo! Then her Daddy took her to the movies to see Escape from Whitch Mountain. Now she is all tucked safely in bed, tuckered out from he exciting down and tomorrow when she wakes, yet another day older. I love you buggy boo, forever and always, Mom

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