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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dyl's boot camp update

Well some updates on my Dyl in boot camp with the Marines. First you know I missed a phone call, his first phone call. Well last Monday he called again and we were all home!!! It was a personal call and he got to be relaxed and talk. He sounded just like himself and sounded pretty good. When my lil JC answered the phone, Dyl said "hurry get mom", that is the same thing he would always say to the girls when he was home and called. It was a very short call, 3 minutes and of course was not long enough, but so so good to hear his voice to tell him We love him.

Then last night (Wednesday) he called again. This time a very business call and no personal talk at all. He got his first orders and he needed to call home so we could change some travel arrangements as he will be home longer. Now instead of being home 10 days it will be 25, but he will be working after the 10 days!!!! We are so thrilled.

This has been such a hard thing, and to tell you the truth I wish as a mom I didn't have to go through this, but we are so very proud of our boy. He is an awesome young man and will have a very bright future.

I am now waiting for his photo video of his Platoon to come up on the Internet, it should be up this week, and I just can hardly stand to wait to get a glimpse of my boy. I have never been away from him like this and never before this went a day without talking to him, except a few when he was with his grandparents.

Hey we leave to head his way in 11 days!!! We are all stoked!

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