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Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful MLK Day!

Today Cody and I took the girls and little R.C up the mounts to sled and explore. The three kidos took turns sledding and then we went for a little hike up a small mountain side, the snow was pretty deep going up and made it a harder hike, I loved it! We seen Elk tracks, Deer tracks, Rabbit tracks and even Cat tracks, as shown in the photos! When we got to the top, the other side was nice and warm and very little snow. Little R.C wanted to go up the very biggest mount, he cried when we told him no, that it would take us days to get there and back. I have been sad about my Dyl going off to the Marines next month and not having him to hike with this summer, but looks like I have me a new lil hiking partner! On our hike back down we went down a step area, Cody feel with R.C, then down the two girls went, of course they were a bet dramatic about it. It was so funny. The snow was powdery crystal. It was such a fun little trip!