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Monday, January 26, 2009

snow for my birthday!!

Yes today is my birthday! 41 wonderful years old. I know some dread getting older but I think I look at it different then some people do. For one I do know that with age comes wisdom, and with each birthday comes life, yes it means you are still alive on this wonderful planet that God created! I do love life, it is so full of beautiful things to see and do, and learn. I love to learn new things. There is still so much in life I want to experience, learn, see, feel, do! I woke to a birthday sigh my little ones had made for me, it is a family tradition at our house, everyone gets a birthday sigh on their birthday. I received beautiful roses from my sweet husband today, he is truly the best husband ever! Last night it even snowed! YES! Snow for my birthday, I love it. I told my two girls last night to go out and build a snow man, they looked at me at first like, "really", but then they realized it's their mom saying this, yes it was 9:00 at night, so what, it was the perfect snow. They know their mom is adventuress and spontaneous and the time of day is no excuse not to do something fun! So there they were building a snow man, our biggest ever, yes their daddy helped them. They named him Clell. My husband's dad seen the name Clell carved in a tree one time, and now it is a "family thing". I have my grandson T.J today, it's always so fun to have him over, see how cute him and my son R.C is in the photo! We are getting ready to go out west sledding with some other home school families! Then tonight I think I will make egg roles, fried rice and either have the boys over to play cards, or if they can't then go out to a movie. I heard a quote yesterday and so loved it. It is.......... "These are the best days of our lives, and we don't even know it"

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