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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food Bank Food NOT for the Hungery?

This was brought to my attention when discussed with one of my Internet support groups! And it just made me so mad. So did you know that in order to get food from our State food bank, that you have to financially qualify???? Hum, yes, you have to take documentation on all family members and all income. So basically if a family is having a hard financial month and they are short on food, they can NOT get food for their family if they don't meet the financial qualification. So that means that all those who already receive help from the state by receiving food stamps each month are the only ones who can asses our food bank food. Now that just does not make any sense to me. I know that there are always some of "those" people who take advantage of our resources and may get food when they have money in their pocket, but I really don't think that consist of too many people. Any how upon finding this out, I will think very hard, and pray about giving to "our" food bank again. I always give each year and have even done a food bank drive one Christmas, but this was from my thinking that the food was for anyone who may NEED it to feed their family?? Wrong again!

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